cordless drill brighthestoneThere has been a significant improvement in the power, features and capabilities of cordless drill in recent past. Earlier the use of these type of drill was confined to professional users for undertaking heavy duty applications, but these days a cordless drill has become a must have tool for home, especially for DIY enthusiasts.


A cordless drill is a versatile tool and it can be used for accomplishing different types of tasks. Because there are numerous types of drill models available in market, it can be some times difficult to choose the best cordless drill for your needs. Because of high demand and increased competition it is always important to check for offers and discount offered by different vendors in order to get the best deal.


If you are out in the market looking for best cordless drill, it is important for you to first research and understand your requirement to get a better idea about which type of drill you need.

One of the best ways to understand your exact requirement is to think about the type of job or applications you wish to do with the drill. Once you have ascertained this, you will have a fair idea on what categories of drill to look for. Reading about cordless drill reviews on sites like The Tool Guides and looking at top manufacturer’s website online will also help you to narrow down your search.

If you intend to create artwork or do normal home improvement work with the drill you will not require a model with high voltage and power. For small home improvement jobs like –fixing door handle, assembling furniture, hanging frames and pictures on wall, putting up curtain, towel rails etc.

Because of increase in demand of this tool different manufacturers have now came up with multiple varieties of cordless drill with different features. With the help of new technology the manufacturers are able to produce drills, which are small in size and low on weight, but at the same time are high on power and speed.

Having a small and light weight cordless drill offers numerous benefits, some of them are –

1) You can easily carry them around your work place or home while working.

2) Heavier drills put pressure on your arms and wrist, which can wear you out quickly before completion of job.

3) If the drill is small in size it will allow you to work in tight areas. This is very helpful, especially when working in places like under the sink, Inside closet, etc.

Most cordless drill models come with adjustable speed, which allows you to have better control over the drill while performing different jobs.

power toolsPeople, who are passionate about DIY attitude and enjoy being a home handyman, have great passion for power tools. These are the people who understand the value of power tools as compared to conventional manual tools.

The new generation power tools offer better features, are highly efficient and versatile as compared to manual tools.

What are Power tools?

Power tools use external power source to execute different type of mechanical jobs. The power source could be air, battery or electricity. Power tools help us in saving time and executing the work in a more effective and efficient manner as compared to the traditional mechanical (manual) tools. There are numerous types of jobs, which either are not accomplished or take longer time to accomplish when using manual tools. There has been a lot of innovation in power tools market in recent past and these days numerous models are available in different price ranges for every consumer.

Because of their versatility, the technical advancement and their working efficiency, the power tools have now become core of different applications relate to construction and manufacturing industry. In recent more and more people have also started to buy power tools for their homes to accomplish small home improvement jobs involving, drilling, fastening, painting etc.

The numerous types of power tools available in market come with different power source options. They can be further categorized in to the level of mobility they offer and applications they can be used for. Usually the power tools are categorized in to two common categories –

1) Stationary mechanical devices – These types of power tools are stationary and are not easy to move from one place to another. These type of tools are usually large in size and are used for jobs which require high amount of power and precision.

2) Portable tools – These tools are suitable for small jobs which do not require much power. They are small in size and less in weight which makes it easier to carry them around in different places. With portable power tools, you can easile accomplish applications like drilling, welding, grinding, screwing and fastening.

Some power tools are corded and use AC power electricity as power source while others are powerless and may use Ni-cad or Lithium ion batteries.

Few common types of power tools are – cordless drill/driver, impact wrench, impact driver, heat gun, leaf blower, air compressor etc.













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